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Hunts Point 

Waterfront Resiliency

About Hunts Point

Hunts Point is a neighborhood located on a peninsula in the South Bronx of New York City. It is the location of one of the largest food distribution facilities in the world, the Hunts Point Cooperative Market. Its boundaries are the Bruckner Expressway to the west and north, the Bronx River to the east, and the East River to the south. Hunts Point is also the home to a population of about 12,179 people.

Due to it's closeness to multiple rivers, its waterfronts are at very high risk of flooding. As a result, the entire city is at risk because of the important infrastructure at Hunts Point.

The Project

This project is an exploration of how the city is preparing for the potential disasters that are to come along the South Bronx waterfront due to the inevitable effects of climate change. The project will show how Hunt's Point would look without proposed waterfront resiliency methods and how it would look with them, using 3D modeling. The goal is to promote public as well as financial support for these projects, and to provide a visual means for comparing proposed projects.  By showing the effects of these plans, I hope to contribute to their success in keeping NYC safer from the extreme effects of climate change on the waterfront, especially in the city’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

About Me

My name is Sid, and I am currently an undergrad at Purdue University majoring in Data Science. I created this project as a part of a gap year program called the City GAP at Living City Project. This program allows students to discover and focus on their passion using the city as it's classroom.

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